I Am Not A Single Male


I am very happily married, thank you very much. I do not go to naturist resorts (or anywhere for that matter) to ogle, look for a mate, search for an alternative lifestyle or “window shop.” I am only looking for a day of relaxation with like-minded people.

But many naturist resorts choose to not accept single males. If I were to bring along a woman, any woman, I would be allowed in. Essentially, the price of admission for men at these resorts is the day fee plus a woman.

If I were a single woman, I have no doubt I’d be able to get in just fine.

no-men-allowedClearly I do not own a naturist resort, so perhaps the gender balance is a larger issue than I am aware of. But at all the resorts I have attended (always as a “single” male) the ratio of men to women has always been very close to 50/50. I’ll concede the rules are in place for a reason, but I struggle to see what exactly that is.

There is always the argument that too many single men create an uncomfortable atmosphere for women. But I’ve met married couples that are just as creepy as any single male. Plus, any resort is free to do a background check on me. I have nothing to hide. I can even arrange for a permission slip from my lovely bride if need be.

So what can a “single” male do? First, join AANR or TNS. Holding a reputable membership card is more likely to get you into resorts that have a single male quota system. Second, be respectful of resort rules and quotas. Poor behavior and disrespect for rules sets a bad example for all males who are already under enough scrutiny in this lifestyle. Third, be friendly and sociable at these clubs. Do your part to change the stereotype associated with single males. Hiding in the back corner of the pool area with your mirrored sunglasses on does no good. Take off the shades, look people in the eye, introduce yourself and meet the regulars. As many naturist club sites say, “Your behavior is your passport.”

And what can resorts do? Conduct background checks ahead of time. I don’t mind calling ahead with my information. Enforce your rules liberally. Any gawkers or disrespectful behavior should result in immediate dismissal and potential ban from the club. There can even be a nationwide “ban” list to keep creeps from going elsewhere. If any guest complains about another guest, it should be taken very seriously. And strongly encourage guests to speak up as well. No one should feel uncomfortable in this environment.

Fortunately I’ve never seen any questionable behavior in my naturist life. But I’ve read enough stories online from both men and women to understand it occasionally happens. Yes, absolutely eliminate the men with ill intent and questionable behavior, but don’t judge all of us by their actions.

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