Sun Ray Hills Day Pass Now $45

Sun Ray Hills in Burlington, Wisconsin, has raised their day pass rate for singles, couples, or families in 2017 to $45, making it the highest rate of any naturist location in the midwest.

Being the closest naturist resort to my house, I find this particularly unfortunate.

Sun Ray Hills is in a beautiful location with plenty of hiking trails, golf, a pool and volleyball courts, camping, and a restaurant open during the summer. It has great visitors from throughout the midwest and enough space that one can be as social or as introverted as one wants. Everyone I ever met there was incredibly friendly and despite the drawbacks described below, it was my go-to place for a day in the buff.

While I have no doubt they will still have plenty of visitors, it had a few negatives. It was never particularly busy any of the times I have been there. The owners are not naturists and somewhat unfriendly, which was always a concern of mine. And after losing their affiliation with AANR, I started to question their business practices.

So to add to that, the price increase means I am unlikely to go back. I personally do not feel $45 per day is worth the cost, and I feel they have now priced themselves out of a lot of budgets. And being no longer associated with AANR, there are no discounts for anyone other than seniors.

For those looking for cheaper alternatives, Valley View Recreation Club ($40 or $30 AANR) is 50 miles west, and Toadally Natural Farms ($20 single, $30 couple) is 70 miles north.

While I certainly wish them the best and hope Sun Ray Hills continues to succeed, they are certainly pushing the limits of what a midwest naturist is willing to pay.


2 thoughts on “Sun Ray Hills Day Pass Now $45

    1. Thanks for the comment! Toadally Natural is a great place but it’s been almost two years since I’ve been there. I am planning on going sometime this summer and I’ll have an update then!


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